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From social media to advertising, photography has become a big part of contemporary culture. Photography enthusiasts such as Othman Louanjli often have a preference for a certain style or type of photography, which can be broken down into categories including photojournalism, fashion photography and candid photography.

Candid photography describes images that capture the spontaneous moments that occur all around us. Typically in candid photography the subject is not aware that a photograph is being taken, meaning that they are captured in a relaxed mood. Candid photography is a style that has become popular for wedding photography, where the couple hope to capture the day’s events in a natural way so the subjects seem at ease. Candid photography shares a lot of its elements with documentary photography, as it also aims to be objective and to tell the story of the event in a natural and un-posed manner.

Architectural photography focuses on capturing the volume and forms of architectural structures. Architectural photography consists of imagery of both the exterior of a building as well as the interior, with the photographer looking for areas of interest or angles that have a strong visual appeal. Due to the large scale of architecture, photographers must take into account the distortions that can occur; for example, a building’s façade normally has a number of horizontal lines, which can seem to slope or curve if not photographed correctly. It takes technical skill on the part of the photographer to find a solution to these visual distortions, and an architectural photographer must also be aware of the limitations of using only natural light when capturing a façade.

Architectural photograph can take on a more documentary style, capturing images that are objective – or, alternatively, it can take on a more artistic or abstract form, such as the work of Ola Kolehmainen. Watch the embedded video for further information on Kolehmainen’s architectural photographs.

Whilst the ultimate goal of fashion photography is to sell the items that are on show in the images, the results are often highly creative, artistic and varied. Several fashion photographers have reached iconic status, including Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, David Bailey, Steven Meisel, Mario Testino, Paolo Roversi and Annie Leibovitz. Successful fashion photographers capture the zeitgeist, the culture and the aesthetics of a particular moment in time and the most famous fashion photographers also develop a style that is total unique to them. Please refer to the PDF attachment for further information about the work of fashion photographer Richard Avedon.