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Paris Saint-Germain F.C. is a top-flight French football club that was established in 1970. The club came about through the fusion of Stade Saint-Germain, which had been around since 1904, and Paris F.C., which had been formed the previous year as there was no top-flight team resident in the capital. Although no trophies were won in the seventies, PSG did gain promotion from Ligue 2 up to Ligue 1 in 1974 and has remained there ever since. Football fan Othman Louanjli is a supporter of PSG. In the PDF attachment you will find an overview of some of the club’s greatest achievements.

Othman Louanjli – Paris Saint-Germain Club Records

The Seventies

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club sprang to life on the 12th of August 1970, created by a group of businessmen who merged Paris F.C., their virtual side, with the existing Stade Saint-Germain. This team was chosen for the merger after being promoted to Ligue 2 and 20,000 people signed the petition backing the venture. PSG performed well and won promotion to Ligue 1 in the very first season of play. In 1972 the team split into two factions: Paris F.C., which joined CA Montreuil, and Paris Saint-Germain, which restarted in the third division after assuming amateur status. By 1974, PSG were back in Ligue 1 and since that time have never once been relegated.

The Eighties

PSG may have performed well in the seventies, but the club did not claim any silverware until the following decade. In 1982 the team took home its first trophy after winning the Coupe de France, which it retained the following year. The club then went on to win Ligue 1 in 1986 and gained its first experience of continental competition. While not achieving any titles during this time, PSG did expand its fan base due to its entertaining playing style.

The Nineties

The nineties can be seen as a golden era for Paris Saint-Germain. Following a takeover in 1991 by Canal+, the team were for the first time in the position to make some serious investments. Parc des Princes saw world-class players on the home team due to this. You can find out more about Parc des Princes by watching the short video attachment. Between 1991 and 1998, PSG had much cause to celebrate, winning the UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup in 1996 and tucking another Ligue 1 win, two French Trophies of Champions, two French League cups and three French cups under its belt.

The Noughties

Between 1998 and 2011 PSG saw a period of decline, although there were certainly some achievements within that time. The club took home five trophies during this time and avoided relegation – albeit narrowly – on at least two occasions. PSG became known for lurching between crises after years of poor management. The club was sold by Canal+ to a collaboration of Morgan Stanley, Butler Capital Partners and Colony Capital, with Colony Capital later becoming 95% shareholders after purchasing Morgan Stanley’s share. In 2011, QSi (Oryx Qatar Sports Investment) bought PSG and the fortunes of the club began to rise once more.

Under QSi

Since the arrival of QSi, Paris-Saint-Germain has grown to become the most successful football club in France’s history. 16 new trophies take the total to 34 and PSG won the national quadruple two years in a row, taking home the Ligue 1 cup, Super Cup, French Cup and League Cup in 2015 and 2016. In the infographic attachment you will find an overview of the year in numbers for Paris Saint-Germain in 2017, a season many are calling slightly disappointing despite the club winning three new trophies.