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Goldman Sachs is one of the largest enterprises in the world for investment banking, operating on an international level with headquarters in New York City. In the security market of the United States treasury, Goldman Sachs is considered one of the premier dealers and is a prominent market maker in general. The company has been in existence since 1869 and has offices all over the world. Othman Louanjli is a former employee of the multinational investment bank, having worked for the company’s Dubai office in cross asset sales from 2006 until 2013.

Business Segments

Operations at Goldman Sachs can be split into four main business segments: investing and lending, investment banking, institutional client services and investment management. Each of these business segments runs globally, providing a broad range of products and services to clients including private investors, high-net-worth families, individuals, corporations, governments, financial institutions, investment funds and other institutional clients.


There are a range of services provided by Goldman Sachs to clients and shareholders, as well as to growing communities. On an advisory level, Goldman Sachs utilises knowledge and expertise to assist companies in areas such as managing risk, raising capital and buying and selling other businesses to facilitate growth.

The firm also assists governments on national, state and local levels when finance needs to be raised for projects such as investment in infrastructure, including hospitals, schools and roads. Job creation, capital flow and economic growth are direct results of the work Goldman Sachs does in terms of structuring client transactions. The firm supports the global markets to remain liquid and efficient to meet the needs of companies and investors. Such needs include raising money, the management of risk and simple investment.

Individuals and institutions such as foundations, pension funds and investment funds can access services to preserve and grow their assets, while Goldman Sachs helps businesses to grow by investing the firm’s own capital alongside that of outside investors. Innovative new ideas are developed at Goldman Sachs which help to drive new paths, products and perspectives within the finance industry.


Goldman Sachs is an award-winning business which regularly receives industry accolades. Some of the more recent awards include Bank of the Year at the IFR Awards in December 2017, Most Prestigious Employer and Best Banking Firm from Vault Banking 50 in October 2017, 100% rating on the Corporate Equality Index of the Human Rights Campaign in November 2017, and the Climate Leadership Award from the Environmental Protection Agency in March 2017.

Corporate Engagement

Goldman Sachs has a commitment to corporate engagement, working to utilise ideas, resources and people to help communities. More than $1.6 billion has been committed by Goldman Sachs to philanthropic endeavours since 2008. Projects include the global entrepreneurial initiative 10,000 Women, which empowers women to establish their own businesses; Goldman Sachs Gives, a special donor-advised fund which distributes grants to a variety of non-profit organisations; Community Teamworks, where people from Goldman Sachs work hand in hand with volunteer projects for non-profit organisations in the local area; and 10,000 Small Businesses, which helps entrepreneurs of all kinds all over the world. Goldman Sachs was also responsible for the creation of the United States’ first Social Impact bond, which supports therapeutic services delivered to young people on Rikers Island.