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Frequently Asked Questions


This section provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the topics covered on this blog, including finance, Othman Louanjli’s interests, and sports.


What is Financial Modelling?

Financial modelling is one of Othman Louanjli’s professional interests and it describes the process of coming up with a commercial representation of a firm or a particular security. Creating the model usually involves making numerous calculations and reaching recommendations based on that information.

It is a financial analyst’s goal to come up with accurate forecasts of a company’s financial performance. Since numerous forecast theories abound, an analyst can test these hypotheses by crafting a commercial model that captures all possible variables, quantifies them and creates formulas that help create a mathematical interpretation of a particular event. In many cases, the primary tool used for financial modelling is a spreadsheet.

There are many uses of financial models. Among the most common are business valuation, calculating the cost of capital for projects, allocation of resources, and capital budgeting decisions. Financial models also come in handy when coming up with economic trends, performance comparisons, and ratio analysis, all of which help company executives make informed decisions.


What Are Some Good Photography Tips for Beginners?

Individuals who’ve decided to get into photography are typically excited to get out into the world and start taking photos. The excitement is understandable, but getting the hang of photography requires more than just zeal.

For starters, it’s essential to have the right gear. To a beginner, having the latest photography equipment may not make sense since it can make the learning process much more onerous. When purchasing equipment, it’s essential to do some research first to find something that sounds good and fits your budget. Whether it’s a camera or lighting, always do your homework.

Second, it’s important to remember that practice makes perfect. The more time you spend taking pictures, the better you get at the skill. As you continue to improve, you’ll learn the most comfortable angles and the type of shots that come quickly.

If there are other photographers within the area or a local camera club that meets regularly, do your best to meet up with them. Connecting with other photographers is a good way to learn and share ideas. Talking with other professionals or even fellow amateurs can inspire and motivate you to keep going. Many experienced photographers are open to sharing insights if the right approach is made.


What is the Association of Tennis Professionals?

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) has organised a worldwide tennis tour for men since 1990. It has its headquarters in London in the United Kingdom, with other offices in Ponte Vedra Beach, the United States, Monaco, and Sydney in Australia.

The ATP was established in 1972 by Cliff Drysdale, Donald Dell and Jack Kramer, with Kramer and Drysdale serving as Executive Director and President, respectively. Jack Kramer is credited with creating the rankings systems, which was implemented in 1973 and has continued since. Between 1974 and 1989, a sub-committee known as the Men’s International Professional Tennis Council (MIPTC) administered the men’s circuit.

In a calendar year, the ATP organises various tournaments that provide an opportunity for professional men’s tennis players to compete for ranking points and prize money. Some of these tournaments include the ATP World Tour 250 series, the ATP World Tour 500 series and the ATP World Tour Masters 1000. While another body, the International Tennis Federation (ITF), manages events such as the Olympic tennis tournament, Grand Slams and the Davis Cup tournament, ATP ranking points are still awarded at all these events (apart from the Olympics). The players who collect the most points get the opportunity to play at the ATP World Tour Finals at the end of the year.